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The Intruder!
We find Blue Angel Lia relaxing at home, limbering up and exercising with some calesthenics and deep knee bends in her leotard and tights. After fetching the mail and reading a magazine, she falls asleep. Unknown to her, an intruder has been watching and siezes the moment to enter her apartment. She is suprised by the attacker and is soon rendered unconscious when she challenges the thief. Coming to a while later, she jumps the intruder when his back is turned and a scuffle ensues. He manages to knock her out once again, but she is soon on her feet as the grappling and fighting continues until the two are knocked out at the same time! Lia wakes first and quickly slips into her Blue Angel costume. She comes back to put this intruder away once and for all! This video contains a lot of mixed grappling, scissors and mixed combat. The beginning of the video has some artifacts from an issue with the tape, but dissappears after about 1:30 and does not affect the overall quality of the video. Starring Lia Labowe
    15:15 - $9.99

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