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Robyn vs Mysteria Under Her Control!
Robyn vs Mysteria Under Her Control!
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Robyn has come to Mysteria, mistakenly thinking that she will turn herself in. Unfortunately for the eager sidekick, Mysteria has other plans and soon has Robyn under her control, letting her know that is it SHE who will be turning herself in, to Mysteria!!

Mysteria soothes and lulls Robyn to sleep and when she awakes she is bound up by the sexy villainess (Who also spent some time worshiping the little sidekick's body and feet!) 

There isn't much Robyn can do and when Mysteria breaks out a magic wand, Robyn is done for and can only give in to the wands incessant vibrations...

Soon  Mysteria has Robyn back under her control and asleep as she ponders her next move...

Models: Joy Luck, Pepper Kester

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