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Knightgirl vs. Raven
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A short vid!

Knightgirl enters Raven's lair and is immediately subdued. It seems Raven once to play a game to slowly strip Knightgirl of her accessories! 
When Knightgirl comes to, she confronts Raven only to be hit with an energy blast that sends her shaking back to dreamland! 
Again Knightgirl awakes but is now without her cape.  She tries to go at Raven but is hit with a weird mind warp beam that puts Knightgirl under Raven's control. 
Knightgirl cannot do anything to stop Raven from cuffing her to a cross where Knightgirl must endure the effects of the hitachi!
One more trip to the land of nod and Raven escapes!

Models: Melissa Jacobs, Devon

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