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Blue Angels vs. The Baroness
Blue Angels vs. The Baroness
$9.99 - 11:52
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Another HypOnlineMedia Custom Release

2 Blue Angels confront "The Baroness" in her lair, but the baroness suprises them with a sonic KO device that renders them unconscious. When they wake up, they are restrained and the Baroness injects our first Blue Angel with a serum that makes her compliant. The Baroness then lights a cigarette, and compels the Blue Angel to smoke with her.
The Baroness then turns her attention to Blue Angel Jade telling her if she doesn't smoke she will destroy her friends mind. Blue Angel Jade has no choice but to comply.
By smoking, Blue Angel Jade starts to fall under the Baroness control. The more she smokes, the deeper she goes. The Baroness tells her she is no longer a Blue Angel, and that her smoking will allow her to obey her master, The Baroness. She instructs Blue Angel Jade to go retrieve the files on all the other Blue Angels. The Baroness then begins to seduce Blue Angel Ashley. Once BA Jade returns, The Baroness decides to have a little fun!
Smoking, Forced Orgasms, Tights, Leotards, Superheroines

Models: Kobe Lee, Jade Indica, Ashley Grace

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