The Arrival Of Electra Star!
24:52 - $5.00
Shining Star (Christina Carter) and Wonder Star(Indira) come to the aid of a seemingly innocent nurse (Paris Kennedy), who happens to be anything but innocent! No sooner than Shining Star goes after the culprit leaving Wonder Star to guard the nurse, Wonder Star soon finds herself ambushed and victim to a nefarious capture both heroines! Shining Star arrives a short while later and when she tries to wake her slumbering partner, she is caught from behind and captured as well! The two heroines are then subject to a paralyzing gas that flows through hospital masks as the naughty nurse injects them with a hypnotic serum! Soon the two heroines can't keep their hands off each other! After a short while, the girls awaken, the effects of the drugs seemingly have worn off..or have they? The girls spring into action to get to the bottom of this craziness once and for all and they are confronted by their nemesis, Elektra Star! It was her all along! Elektra Star uses her powers against the two heroines and then the humiliation continues.... Wait till you see how it ends!


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