Mixed Heroines 5
13:14 - $5.00
Blue Angel 1 (Christina Carter) is on a special mission to take down Virago and locate not only a Blue Angel held hostage, but also locate the whereabouts of a missing Shining Star. (Hey, they sent out the #1 angel, this is serious!) However she is tailed by Wonder Star, who soon catches up with her at the lair. Blue Angel 1 tries to reason with Wonder Star that this is a serious mission, and if she does anything to jeopardize it, she could be forcibly removed. Wonder Star reacts by pulling up the angels top and pulling down her shorts. Wonder Star goes running off in search of Virago while the Angel recomposes herself. Wonder Star doesn't have to wait long, however as she finds herself face to face with Virago. Virago's sleepy perfume does it's work and soon Wonder Star is drifting off into slumberland. Wonder Star is then tranced by a strange scent that Virago blows into her face (Yet another trick!) and soon she is under Virago's control.
Blue Angel 1 attempts to break up the party, but she is forced to fight Wonder Star, and soon she succumbs to Virago's scent as well. Virago then puts the girls through their paces, with some foot worship fonding and all sorts of wicked things. If you like your vids spicy, then this is one for you! (Contains Naughtidy.)


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