The Perils Of Gamma Girl
22:42 - $5.00
Gamma Girl decides to infiltrate Viragos lair without her partner in crime, Omega Woman. Big mistake. The plucky heroine is no match for a seasoned villainess like Virago,who wastes no time capturing the sassy sidekick. Gamma Girl awakens to find herself in restraints. Virago walks in and announces that she has decided to have a little fun... at Gamma Girl's expense! Gamma is soon drifting off back to the land of nod..and when she awakens hours later, Virago is ready for her, With her crop! She starts to slowly deal out Gamma Girls torture, much to Virago's delight and Gamma Girl's agony...but Gamma Girl isn't as weak willed as Virago thought. Virago leaves and soon returns with a flogger! Dealing out more punishment to Gamma Girl who hangs on as long as she can. Virago is impressed by her stamina but decides to crank it up a notch and returns yet AGAIN, this time with a cane! THe cane starts to wear down Gamma Girl quickly, but Virago takes another tack, confusing the young heroine with erotic advances in between stings of the cane. Virago leaves once again for more torturous toys, but Gamma Girl is able to break free of her binds. Instead of escaping, she goes after Virago once again, they confront each other, and as Gamma Girl is about to go on the attack, a strange gem on Virago's forehead stops Gamma Girl dead in her tracks!! What could it be? Gamma Girl is paralyzed, powerless and completely at VIrago's mercy! And mercy is just what Virago gives her as she pulls her in close, and smothers the heroines face between her knockout perfume laced breasts. Gamma Girl crumples to the floor, unconscious. What fate could possibly await her? Will Omega Woman show up in time to save the day? Tune in next month for episode 2!


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