Mixed Heroines 4
17:30 - $5.00
Wonder Tomi and Wonder Star, Shining Star's little sister, head out to apprehend one of Mysteria's henchgirls but she gets the drop on our little heroine and puts her out. Soon enough, Wonder Tomi comes looking for her and the henchgirl soon has two slumbering heroines! When they come to, Wonder Tomi sets a trap for the henchgirl, but it's foiled when Wonder Star is hypnotized by the henchgirl's amulet. Wonder Tomi comes back wondering what has happend to "the plan" when she is sneak attacked by Wonder Star! The hypnotized heroine strips Wonder Tomi of her magic belt and wrestles the suprised amazon to the bed. Wonder Star then uses Wonder Tomi's magic lasso against her to keep her in a catatonic state. The henchgirl returns and uses her amulet against Wonder Tomi, who is now powerless to resist. The henchgirl then begins the humiliation of the heroines by making them her little playthings, forcing them to worship each others feet, and then hers. The henchgirl grows tired of this and for her final command, tells the two heroines to knock each other out. Editing Note: There is about 10 seconds towards the end of the video where there is a dialogue drop out. It doesn't affect the overall quality of the video.


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