Shining Star
22:00 - $12.99
>Shining Star(Christina Carter) and a Blue Angel(Barbara) are on the hunt to take down a crafty villainess, Lady C (Kobe Lee). When the two separate, The Blue Angel is suprised by the sexy villainess and a struggle ensues. Unfortuantely for the Blue Angel, she slips off the bed and Lady C is quick to take advantage, sending the Blue Angel to slumberland. Lady C uses the captured Blue Angel as bait for Shining Star and demands her surrender. Shining Star allows herself to become Lady C's prisoner. After some torture, Lady C leaves and Shining Star is able to get free and revive the unconscious BLue Angel. Together they catch up to Lady C and it looks like the end, except the Blue Angel is under Lady C's spell and it is Shining Star that winds up captured once again! This time the two really put the captured Shining Star through even more torture. Shining beats the two villainess girls at the end however and all seems well when she goes to visit her Blue Angel partner to see how she is recovering. There is only one way to find out how this will end!


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