Arrival Of Jade
16:00 - $9.99
A Blue Angel rookie is hot on the trail of Jade and her henchgirl. Trying to get the drop on them, the rookie gets ambushed herself and is knocked out by the henchgirl. She is tied up and fondled while the henchgirl decides her fate. The Henchgirl decides to leave the Blue Angel rookie as a present for Jade. Jade seems quite pleased with her new slave but knows that her partner will come looking for her. Her hunch proves right and soon another Angel is caught by suprise and knocked out. Jade puts the both of them under her spell and leaves them with one last command: they will not be able to keep their hands off each other when they awake. Soon our heroines awaken only to follow Jades commands while Jade herself makes her escape. The heroines cannot resist each other and are hopelessly entwined! Will the spell ever give out allowing them to collect their wits? What an embarrassing predicament! - No nudity. Contains kissing and fondling.


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