Wonder Christina vs. KatGirl Kobe!
21:45 - $9.99
The two perennial fan favorites are back at it once again! If you remember, we first paired these two awesome ladies together at FetishCon in 2004 and we just can't get enough! KatGirl Kobe is stalking Wonder Christina, and manages to ko her with her Kat Klub and steal Wonder Christina's magic belt!
She worships Wonder Christina's body and when Wonder Christina awakes, it's lights out again!
After a nice debooting and some foot worship, Wonder Christina starts to come around again and again she is put back to sleep! When Wonder Christina awakens, she is tied to the bed and orgasmed until she is compliant. Kobe switches her costume with Wonder Christina, making her believe she is now the bad girl!
Wonder Christina soon shakes herself out of her fog and realizes who she is and turns the tables on Kobe!

Models: Christina Carter, Kobe Lee

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