Asian Angels vs. Virago!
21:18 - $18.99
Virago is setting a trap for Princess Paradise, and she's going to use the Asian Angels to capture her! Tne Angels arrive on the scene and split up. Soon Virago appears and pulls an unsuspecting Angel under her spell with her special entrancing crystal. She uses the magic wand to deepen the effect.
Once her partner shows up a fight ensues and soon, with Virago's mind control directing Yuri, she pulls her partner under Viragos control as well! The two Angels are then seen all in black, the Soldiers of Virago, and together they help capture Princess Paradise! Virago uses her magic wand once again to bring Princess Paradise under her power and leaves the 2 Angels to do as they wish.

Models: Darenzia, Akira Lane, Nicole Oring, Zoe Britton

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