Wonder Christina vs. RiddleGrrl!
16:00 - $15.99
Wonder Christina is out looking for RiddleGrrl and finds her quickly but is knocked out before she can capture her! While at RiddleGrrls mercy she plays with Wonder Christina, fondling her, debooting her, kissing her feet, playing with her breasts. RiddleGrrl gets so into it she doesn't see Wonder Chrstina coming to and soon she is trapped in Wonder Christina's mighty leg choke! There is no hope for RiddleGrrl and soon she is out cold from the super squeeze of Wonder Christina's legs! But what's happening? Wonder Christina can't control herself and she starts ravishing RiddleGrrl's body! Soon RiddleGrrl awakens and informs Wonder Christina that she dosed the KO agent with an aphrodisiac which puts Wonder Christina under her power! She commands Wonder Christina to kiss up her body and Wonder Christina can do nothing but comply!
RiddleGrrl decides the two need a change of sceneery and invites WC outside. As she starts to follow she comes to and decides to handle things her own way!
Changing into her diving suit, Wonder Christina goes after RiddleGirl! The two fight it out in the pool! What happens next? It's a very SHOCKING ending!


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