Raw Tapes Vol. 1
28:28 - $9.99
This is Vol 1 of a new series at Hypnotics World. Over the years I have accumulated footage that some of you have expressed interest in seeing so here it is. What I am doing is dumping the raw tape to video, editing out the slow/boring parts and bringing you the remaining raw footage.
I wouldn't consider this a "behind the scenes" video, rather you see the girls acting out scenes over and over again, trying to get things right, small clips and scenes that never made the light of day on a Hypnotics World video, etc. If you like hot girls in spandex getting ko'ed over and over, then you'll like this video.
This video contains a fight sequence between Madison and Tina Krause. You can see how we added to it as it went on. There is also the start of some hypno clips, but they do not carry forward to full hypnosis. Then there are some other scenes of Madison fighting against a KO spray and a laptop that renders her unconscious.
There is background music (Whatever was playing on satellite at the time) and some of the clips are silent.
Once again, this is just raw footage and hasn't been edited in any way.


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