KnightWoman & Robyn vs. The Mighty Hypnotic
26:36 - $18.99
KnightWoman and Robyn head to the lair of the Mighty Hypnotic to take him down! Robyn tries to take on Mighty Hypnotic alone and is promptly knocked out. KnightWoman suffers the same fate! After some fondling and molesting, Robyn wakes up and tries to fight her way out but is KO'ed once again! Knightwoman comes to and gets leveled with a low blow and is then KO'ed as well.
When Robyn wakes up, she is chained to the cross, and Mighty Hypnotic is trying to pull her under his spell. She resists, however so he uses a more "persuasive" tactic that soon weakens the teen heroine enough so that she falls under his power.
Knightwoman is next up in the cross and she too resists, but soon her own sexual weaknesses are exploited and she too falls under the spell of the Mighty Hypnotic!
The two girls are commanded to molest each other as Mighty Hypnotic once again makes his escape!


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