Heroine Workout 2
16:14 - $10.99
This is yet another Hypnotics World custom release!
3 heroines, (colors of Batgirl, Supergirl and Green Lantern) Start their daily workout and discuss crimefighting not knowing that evil lurks in the shadows! RiddleGrrl attaches a KO gas canister to the main air system and soon the heroines are noticing a funny scent that soon puts them down and out! RiddleGrrl emerges and plays with her prey, doing whatever she feels like, until the heroines start to awake. No matter, RiddleGrrl is prepared and puts them out with her special KO spray. She resumes her playing with the heroines but soon the come to and suprise her, dosing her with her own KO spray! As the heroines try to awaken their sister sleeping heroine, RiddleGrrl suddenly awakes, did she take an antidote? She takes down the heroines one final time before she escapes, leaving the 3 heroines dozing on the floor!


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