The Return Of Virago
35:31 - $15.99
THIS is now our longest video yet at 35 minutes. Standard Def will be available soon. Set at the debut price of 19.99!

Part 1
Shining Star and Wonder Star are on the hunt for Virago, but are confronted by The Fetish Fiendz! The heroines waste no time knocking them out, just as Virago arrives and shows that her hypnotic essence is as good as ever. Virago uses her essence to overcome Shining Star. Wonder Star tries to get her partner to snap out of it, but is hit with knockout gas. Virago proceeds to have some fun with Shining Star, playing with her breasts and exchanging in a sexy kiss before making her new super playtoy literally worship her ass. Virago informs her Fiendz to keep the Wonder Force heroines, leaving for other crimes.
While Virago is away, the Fiendz play with the exposed breasts of both heroines and also deboot them. The Fiendz enjoy themselves too much, not noticing that the heroines are now coming out of their condition. Shining Star an Wonder Star fight back, knocking them unconscious with power chinlocks. The heroines decide to split up in continuing their search for Virago.
Virago arrives, chastising the Fiendz for messing up. Shining Star arrives, but Virago's programming is too much for Shining Star to overcome. With the Fiendz holding her at bay, Shining Star is subjected to more humiliation from Virago with a vibrator. Shining Star is now Virago's hypnotic slave.
With the Fiendz sent away, Virago and her hypnotized slave, Shining Star capture Wonder Star with Wonder Star soon under Virago's spell.
Part 2
Shining Star awakens to find herself cacooned. However, this is no ordinary cacooned trap, as soon her costume is dissolved. Shining Star is now naked inside the cacoon as Virago and the hypnotized slave, Wonder Star arrive. They strip her out of the cacoon, exposing her nude body.
From there, Shining Star is subjected to her most sexual moment at the hands of a villain yet! Wonder Star is instructed to pleasure Shining Star and she does. Wonder Star licks and kisses Shining Star in the most sacred of areas of her body while sucking Virago's thumb. She is also subjected to the vibrator, making her orgasm.
More sexuality abounds as Wonder Star is topless, Shining Star is nude and even Virago herself winds up topless in her black unitard. The heroines worship the villainess's feet, then afterwards all three kiss and caress each other. Wonder Star is also subjected to the vibrator and eventually, Virago has the vibrator used willingly on her. All three ladies, the villainess and her horny and under-spelled superheroines cannot keep their hands or lips off of each other, engaging in a three-way kiss in the finale.


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