KnightWoman & Robyn vs. The Villainess Lair
16:21 - $16.99
One of the most ambitious videos we've attempted to date! Featuring Christina Carter as KnightWoman, Jade Indica as Robyn, Kobe Lee as CatGrrl, Kendra James as IvyGrrl, LilithVain as LeopardGrrl and Evelyn Rose as one of the FetishFiendz, this video has all the action you would expect out of a Hypnotics World video. However, we are going to do something different this time. We are going to slowly update the vidcaps and synopsis because we don't want to give anything away! So, if you are adventurous, I am sure you won't be disappointed! But if you need a little more to go on before you make a decision, then keep checking back as we add more vidcaps and additional synopsis information as each day passes!
The mesmerizer has been stolen by Catgrrl and her cohorts and it's up to Knightwoman and Robyn to stop them! Tracking the mesmerizer down to a secret warehouse location, KnightWoman & Robyn think they have it easy when they spot the meserizer sitting unattended. It's a trap however, and as soon as they open the bag, a powerful blast of KO gas takes down the dynamic duo and they girls are left unconscious! When our heroines awake, they track the criminals to a remote hideout and lay in wait for an ambush. When IvyGrrl approaches, they spring out in suprise, but it's IvyGrrl that surprises them with a StunSpray and an enchanting kiss that brings the duo under her power. She then makes plans to use KnightWoman and Robyn to help her betray and defeat Catgrrl and LeopardGrrl! A fight breaks out but Knightwoman and Robyn's reflexes are slowed due to the spell, and all 3 are taken down and captured. Will KnightWoman and Robyn escape in time to bring these forces of evil to justice? Only one way to find out! Of course you could cheat and look at the vidcaps!


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