Knightwoman & Robyn Hypno Fight!
09:11 - $8.99
Knightwoman & Robyn are getting ready to start their day when their KnightComputer is hijacked by the Mighty Hypnotic! He puts Knightwoman under his spell and commands her to take out Robyn! After she completes her mission, she reports back. Not long after, Robyn awakes and realizing something is wrong goes against her better judgement and knocks Knightwoman out so she can find out what's going on! Soon she is under the spell of the Mighty Hypnotic as well and she is commanded to take out Knightwoman! The two heroines battle and an errant headbutt knocks the duo out. When they awake they once again try to get to the bottom of what is happening to them but fall to the spell of MH once again, leaving them in limbo!


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