The Perils Of Gamma Girl 2!
12:00 - $6.99
Gamma Girl goes after the Mighty Hypnotic alone and proceeds to kick his butt, but while she is gloating over her victory, she is jumped by the Jesterette! Gamma Girl slowly succumbs to the cloth and when she wakes up, finds herself restrained. But this time its a different kind of torture! The Mighty Hypnotic uses a crop on Gamma Girl and tries to coax her to give in, but her will is strong and she refuses. Jesterette plays with her prey as well until Gamma Girl can take no more! Her body finally gives out and she slumps in the X-cross. She is released and when she wakes up, she is put under Mighty Hypnotics spell and carried away? Could this be the end of Gamma Girl?


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