Tomiko's Heroine Adventure
21:16 - $15.99
Tomiko goes up against the Mighty Hypnotic in this 2-part video! First, as Bat-Tomi, she attempts to bring the Mighty Hypnotic to justice but he gets Bat-Tomi first and uses everything in his arsenal to keep her off her game! Knockout rags and sleepy injections to name a few.. He puts her in a trance and freezes and poses her at will. Those of you who like some lingering shots of Tomiko laid out will enjoy this one! Ample amounts of fondling, a head KO and some KO spray and Bat-Tomi slips into a DEEP sleep.

When she recovers, she is suprised to find she is now Wonder-Tomi! She seems confused by the sudden change, and the purpose of her lasso, but once she realizes the Mighty Hypnotic wants it, she's not giving it up...Until he commands her to...she hands over the lasso and he wastes no time using it against her to reveal the source of her power....When she does, he thanks her with a generous dose of knock-out gas. When she awakes, she finds herself shacked to a spreader bar, and subject to a forced orgasm..she tries to hold on but it's no use! Once she succumbs to the power of the wand, she is again knocked out and left. One last KO later and she is out for good. Phew! There is a LOT going on in this one! Along with 2 debootings and 2 carries!


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