KnightWoman & Robyn 2!
21:22 - $9.99
Knightwoman and Robyn are in hiding, listening to a Russian spy discuss the transport of a certain chemical substance. Knightwoman and Robyn spring their trap but the wily villainess utters some incantations in a strange language that soon has Knightwoman asleep on the floor. It doesn't take long for Robyn to join her crimefighting partner. Our villainess wastes no time removing some items from the costumes as souvenirs and is about to unmask Knightwoman when another villainess puts a stop to her actions. Coming to, Knightwoman and Robyn rush out to catch the Russian villainess but she is waiting for them and ambushes Robyn with a crack to the jaw. A fight breaks out and the villainess throws Robyn offguard, right into the clutches of the other villainess who puts her out for good with a cloth. Knightwoman is also subdued the same way and the two are tied up. What treachery awaits!!


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