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Asian Angels 2!
18:00 - $8.99
ArgonGirl (Tara Bush) makes a cameo appearance as a superheroine brainwashed by Mysteria (India Summer). Akira Lane and Yuri are two Blue Angels who are assigned the difficult task of saving her and bringing her back for reconditioning using a knockout agent laced with Argon Powder.
ArgonGirl is one of the most powerful superheroines in Arkham Heights and easily overpowers the two heroines, using their knockout powder against them! Mysteria decides to have some fun with the girls and is soon joined by her henchgirl. After the two heroines awake, they are quickly subdued and brought under the control of Mysteria and forced to enjoy each others company!

Starring: Akira Lane, Nicole Oring, India Summer, Kym, Tara Bush.


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