Hollywood's Bad Training Day 2
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Hollywood  was really impressed with Janira's progress and decided to give her another training session. Unbeknownst to the revered wrestling star, Janira has other plans yet again! More worship of her favorite idol, Hollywood!

 The action kicks off right away with Hollywood wearing a white bikini and black stockings, (a small part of the intro was lost) and from there Hollywood takes Janira, wearing a silver leotard and powder tights,  through a series of KO moves that have served her well through her career.

Janira is a fantastic student who happens to be a quick learner. Perhaps too quick? She catches Hollywood in KO move after KO move and then takes advantage worshipping the KAYO'ed wrestler until she wakes up again, only to be KO'ed once again. 


7 KO's!


KO Count: 7!

KO's: Sleeper Hold, Rear Bearhug KO, Standing Sleeper, Foot Smother, Rag Kayo, Scissor/Sleeper(2)

Tags: Butt Worship, Foot Worship, Sleepers, Knockouts


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