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The Scorpion (Annie Cruz) lies in wait for the arrival of a new Blue Angel recruit (Sara McDermott). Scorpion loves nothing more than to pop the cherry on rookie Angels...she admires how confident they are...until they realize they are in WAY over their head! Right on cue, Blue Angel Sara arrives...and demands The Scorpion's unconditional surrender. Scorpion laughs her off...dismissing her bravado and tells her "I won't even need to use my powers on you". Sara responds "We'll see about that"! A fight ensues, and the Scorpion is caught off guard by how well the new recruit has trained. Reluctantly, The Scorpion must use her scorpion sting ray to get the upper hand. She blasts the newbie heroine twice...knocking her back onto the couch. Scorpion then sends the red haired vixen off to dreamland with a power draining beam from her stinger finger. The Angel awakens and finds herself at the whim of the black spandex clad Scorpion. She removes Sara's boots and pulls up the helpless superheroine's top, exposing her perfect tits. She then breaks out the vibra wand to break the rookie's will once and for all! Blue Angel Sara tries to resist the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Sara can't contain herself, and all her Blue Angel training goes out the window in an explosive climax. Sara barely has time to recover from her pure moment of ecstasy, when she is once again sent off to dreamland by the sting of The Scorpion.


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