Superheroine Gonzo 1!
44:00 - $15.99

*Note: This FULL VIDEO version contains all THREE scenes:


Wonder Womyn (Jessica Jaymes) catches The Leopard (Melissa Jacobs) red handed trying to steal secret documents...but the tables are turned on the Arkham Amazon...and she soon finds herself at the mercy of the felonious feline. When Wonder Womyn awakes in The Leopard's lair, she finds herself bound spread eagle with her arms cinched tightly behind her head. The cat toys with her bound and helpless prey before producing a vibra wand and applying it to Wonder Womyn's vulnerable spandex covered mound, Wonder Womyn fights to remain stoic and keep her composure, but The Leopard's persistence is unrelenting...and soon the heroine succumbs to the buzzing on her clit and has 3 mind numbing orgasms. "What have you done to me?" Wonder Womyn asks in a post orgasmic haze..."No one's ever made me feel this way before". The Leopard assures the Princess of Power that this was only the first step in her journey to the dark she licks and paws at her bound slaves erect nipples. The Leopard unties her new pet and leads her off into the next chapter of her transformation to evil.

MODELS: Jessica Jaymes, Melissa Jacobs - Runs 10 Minutes


The Scorpion (Annie Cruz) lies in wait for the arrival of a new Blue Angel recruit (Sara McDermott). Scorpion loves nothing more than to pop the cherry on rookie Angels...she admires how confident they are...until they realize they are in WAY over their head! Right on cue, Blue Angel Sara arrives...and demands The Scorpion's unconditional surrender. Scorpion laughs her off...dismissing her bravado and tells her "I won't even need to use my powers on you". Sara responds "We'll see about that"! A fight ensues, and the Scorpion is caught off guard by how well the new recruit has trained. Reluctantly, The Scorpion must use her scorpion sting ray to get the upper hand. She blasts the newbie heroine twice...knocking her back onto the couch. Scorpion then sends the red haired vixen off to dreamland with a power draining beam from her stinger finger. The Angel awakens and finds herself at the whim of the black spandex clad Scorpion. She removes Sara's boots and pulls up the helpless superheroine's top, exposing her perfect tits. She then breaks out the vibra wand to break the rookie's will once and for all! Blue Angel Sara tries to resist the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Sara can't contain herself, and all her Blue Angel training goes out the window in an explosive climax. Sara barely has time to recover from her pure moment of ecstasy, when she is once again sent off to dreamland by the sting of The Scorpion.

MODELS: Annie Cruz, Sara McDermott - Runs 9 Minutes


Argon Girl (Brett Rossi) has had enough of her evil cousin from her home planet (Emily Addison) always trying to take over earth, and decides to have it out with her. The two have scheduled a meeting to discuss their differences, but...the meeting turns into a battle of superiority when Darkseid Argon Girl brings a chunk of their destroyed home planet to the party. She pulls out the meteor rock...and holds it before her arch nemesis. "No!...That's Argonite!" Brett exclaims backing away. Darkseid Argon Girl laughs, as the glowing green rock has no effect on her...but is steadily weakening her goody two shoes cousin. "Yes...I can see it's draining your powers!" she says with a gleam in her eye. Soon, Argon Girl is defenseless and at the mercy of her evil relative, who is bent on turning Argon Girl to the dark side so that they may rule the planet together as one. Darkseid begins her spell of seduction, and produces a vibra wand and places it upon her shiny pantyhose clad which Argon Girl begins to stir. The steady buzzing on her clit clouds her resilience...and soon Argon Girl is forced to endure multiple orgasms, as Darkseid relishes in her surrender. She deboots her slave and exposes her cousin's breasts...licking and sucking them as Argon Girl is lost in her post climactic euphoria. Darkseid cranks up the wand again for round two on Argon's wet slit, and this time refuses to stop making her cum until she is fully under her spell.

Argon Girl's will completely shattered, she is now Darkseid's willing sex slave. Darkseid Argon Girl commands her pet to return the favor, and Argon willingly applies the vibe to her cousin's super snatch. Darkseid has been so turned on by her successful seduction, it doesn't take her long to succumb to the vibrator's demands. Argon then licks and sucks on her new mistresses' Darkseid is mesmerized at her cousin's eagerness to please. Soon the Earth's most powerful superheroines each take a wand in hand and have multiple dueling orgasms together until their silky hose are soaked through. The two superheroines are floating on a sea of sensual bliss, as the kissing cousins share one final embrace.

MODELS: Emily Addison, Brett Rossi - Runs 25 Minutes


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