Ariel X vs. Mutiny!
18:49 - $14.99
Ariel X takes on her arch enemy, the Canadian Crusher Mutiny, in a no holds barred grudge match! This spandex showdown turns into a down & dirty battle for national supremacy!

Mutiny comes out swinging and soon has the much smaller opponent on the ropes... But Ariel X battles back...and quickly surprises Mutiny with her masterful wrestling skills...forcing Mutiny into a variety of leg pins and choke holds. Mutiny underestimated Ariel's savvy defense and ends up paying for it in Round 1.

Now aware that Ariel X is no push over, Mutiny refocuses her attack with brute force...and some less than regulation manuvers! Ariel X is forced to endure multiple low blows, crotch kicks, front wedgie camel toe grabs and countless other sexually charged punishments.. Mutiny hoists Ariel over her head and parades her around the ring before getting Ariel to tap out in Round 2.

The all out assault on Ariel X continues in Round 3...with Mutiny delivering crotch crushing knees to the groin and forcing Ariel into back breaking stretches. Somehow, Ariel summons super human strength and begins to turn the tables on her Canuck counterpart.

Ariel X goes back to the basics...but also repays Mutiny with a few titty grabs and low blows of her own...With Mutiny now her helpless rag doll...Ariel X lifts Mutiny high abover her small frame...and carries her around the ring like the champion she is. Ariel finally puts Mutiny out of her misery with an leg lock sleeper hold that sends Mutiny off to dreamland.

Models: Ariel X, Mutiny

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