Princess Paradise Captured!
37:13 - $19.99
Princess Paradise is lured to Orgasma's Lair! After a brief scuffle where Orgasma tries to put the amazon princess to sleep, Princess Paradise gets the upper hand, and sends Orgasma to dreamland!
Princess Paradise comes to check up on Orgasma but Orgasma has been laying in wait and soon it is our heroine that is dreaming! Orgasma fondles and plays with the sleeping princess and whe she starts to wake, is sent back to dreamland again!
Orgasma binds her victim with chains and tries to break Princess Paradise's will with a forced orgasm, the climaxes breaking her will!
Princess Paradise is forced to 69 with Orgasma but soon she is a willing participant, not being able to resist Orgasma's spell.
After they are done, Princess Paradise is once again sent to dreamland and when she awakes, there is a new suprise in store for her, a strap-on!
Orgasma ravages Princess Paradise from behind until she explodes and becomes her willing slave!
One more trip to the dream factory and Orgasma slips out and escapes easily!

Models: Jayden Cole, Melissa Jacobs

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