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Ariel X vs. Goldie!
13:00 - $9.99
The Heroine Wrestling Federation is proud to present our 1st match shot in our new studio! Our first match is a doozy featuring the very sexy Ariel X taking on the ever fierce Goldie!

This is 5 solid rounds of knockout spandex and thong leotard action. The heroines pull no punches as they grapple for domination. They use their long, shiny legs to squeeze each other into submission. Each round ends when one opponent is unable to continue!

Fans of head locks, camel clutches, sleeper holds, back breakers, face sitting, boob smothering, spreaders, knockouts and devastating crotch punishment will NOT be disappointed with this release!

More sexy matches coming very soon!

Models: Ariel X, Goldie

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