Seductress vs. Batgrrl & Spidergrrl!
11:00 - $9.99
Filmed on location inside Mighty Hypnotic's Pleasure Portal at Fetish Con 2011 in Tampa, FL!

The evil villainess Seductress continues to capture and force unwilling superheroines to cum for her amusement...and this clip begins with the sexy Tracy Jordan in her classic "Yvonne Craig" inspired Batsuit. Batgrrl is bound in a hog tie as she wakes up and finds herself a prisoner in Seductress's lair.

Batgrrl is helpless as she struggles in her strict bondage. She rolls around on the floor...showing off her sexy curves while wimpering as she tries to find a way out of this trap. A Sybian machine sits ominously next to her as Batgrrl wonders what her fate will be!

Later...We find Batgrrl now gagged and still struggling with her unforgiving restraints...but she's no longer alone. Spydergrrl is pastout cold, straddling the Sybian next to her. Batgrrl's cries for help awaken the Arachnid Avenger and she groggily sits up finding herself tied tightly and just as vulnerable as her superheroine friend.

Enter The Seductress...who wastes no time in taunting and fondling the captured duo. Seductress gags Spydergrrl's mouth...and then takes great pleasure in squeezing Spydergrrl's ample tits and groping Batgrrl's sweet spandex covered ass. She laughs & continues mocking the poor heroines, pulling at their binds sadistically...until she finally turns her attention to the Sybian controls.

Seductress fires up the device and it begins buzzing away between the Spyder's long legs and begins relentlessly vibrating away on her clit...while taunting her to cum. Batgrrl can only watch helplessly as her crimefighting cohort succumbs to multiple orgasms at the hands of Sedectress's sinister contraption.

Weakened by her forced orgasms, Spydergrrl is then sent off to dreamland by the Seductress with her handy chemically treated cloth...and Spyder collapses off the cum-machine like a ragdoll.

Seductress then sits herself down on Batgrrl's back and taunts the bound superheroine before applying the sleepy rag. Batgrrl's eyes open wide...and cross as the fumes do their thing...and slowly the dynamic damsel is soon sleeping peacefully. Seductress exits and leaves the two defeated heroines slumbering in her lair.

More Fetish Con fun to come...Stay Tuned!

Models: Carissa Montgomery, Tracy Jordan, Catherine Foxx

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