Mixed Heroines 8
28:00 - $12.99
Solar Girl is recruited by the Blue Angels team to help them locate and rescue one of their missing rookies from the evil clutches of Orgasma! Solar Girl finds Blue Angel Allie safe in Orgasma's lair after she apparently subdued the sinister villainess...But it's a TRAP! Solar Girl is quickly overpowered and rendered helpless by Orgasma and her newest minion, Allie.

Solar Girl is then seduced by the duo and forced to orgasm which further weakens her powers. To make sure she's compliant, Orgasma uses her magic breath spell to entrance Solar Girl into her wicked world of forced superheroine orgasms! She and Orgasma join forces to tag team Allie's vulnerable pussy. The heroines are helpless to resist multiple orgasms. Afterwards, Orgasma again uses her breath spell to send the heroines off to dreamland. Will the next heroine sent to rescue them suffer the same erotic fate? Stay tuned....

Models: Charlie Laine, Zoe Britton, Allie Haze

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