Princess Paradise vs. The Naughty Nurse
32:10 - $12.99
Diane Prinze shows up for her annual check up but finds a new nurse is handling her physical. The nurse gets Diane to relax and soon puts her in a trance to get her to reveal the militarys plans for the X-11 spy plane. The nurse grills Diane but she doesn't know anything. The nurse pushes Diane harder and she is almost about to reveal her most guarded secret of all when the phone rings. The mysterious nurse goes to answer it and the ringer snaps Diane out of her trance. She takes the oppotunity to duck into another room and change into Princess Paradise! Princess Paradise confronts the nurse with her magic lasso and finds that she is a secret Soviet operative. Diana leaves her to contact the authorities and when she comes back she is nailed with a cloth! The Amazon Princess soon passes out and is now in the power of the Nurse! When she comes to, her magic lasso is wrapped around her body while the nurse tries to seduce her. The nurse asks Princess Paradise if she is turned on and enjoying it and Princess Paradise has to tell the truth! What will become of the Amazon!

Models: Jayden Cole, Katie Jordin

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