The Return Of Orgasma!
36:51 - $12.99
A rookie Angel makes the mistake of shedding her gear and going after Orgasma alone, thinking she'll make a big collar and gain points at HQ.
Orgasma catches off-guard, however, and when the Angel comes to, she is bound to the bed and at the mercy of a very dangerous villainess, who plans to show her no mercy whatsoever.
Orgasma weakens the Angel with her wand, and try as she might, the Angel soon falls victim to Orgasma's vibrations on her young crotch. Orgasma pulls the weakened Angel under her spell with an orgasmic kiss, blowing a special potion into the mouth and nose of the rookie Angel who cannot resist.
When the Angel awakens she is now out of her uniform and in black, just like Orgasma! She is brought under Orgasma's spell once again and this time Orgasma re-inforces her hold over the rookie Angel in her own special way. Lots of pleasuring back and forth and the two girls are satiated and pass out.
When the Angel awakes, she is out of the spell and wondering what is going on. She finds her uniform and proceeds to capture Orgasma. Before she can get her ropes on Orgasma, however, Orgasma taunts her about still being under her spell, but proves it! The Angel once again is helplessly in Orgasma's clutches! How will this all play out? What is Orgasma's game?

Models: Zoe Britton, Allie Haze

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